All You Need To Know About Gel Nail Polish

by Lido Live on March 24, 2021

Gel nails are rapidly becoming trendy in the nail industry. They became an instant sensation when they first hit the salon menu because of their durability, shininess and chip-free paint job. So if you are looking to have a long-lasting mani you should consider gel polish manicures. But before heading to the salon, make sure to check our tips on how to care for your gel nail.

Gel polish has a more natural look and glossy finish compared to acrylics. They dry quickly than acrylic nails since they are cured under UV or LED lights. Gel manicure is also more flexible, odorless and can be removed easily without damaging your nail beds by soaking in acetone.

Anyone can get a gel polish manicure whether you have long or short nails. When stacked up with regular polish, the gels will last longer, feel stronger and shines more. If you’re a gel fanatic or you are just tired of chipping your nail polish when reaching your phone in the bag, read further to know everything about getting a gel nail.

Gel manicures last longer and are stronger.

One of the reasons why gel manicures are so popular is how long they last. Almost every salon promises no chips for a week, but when applied properly, they can actually last up to three! Unlike regular manis, which can chip after two to three days, they’re relatively indestructible, which makes them perfect for special occasions, weddings, and vacations.

10-Free gel polish is a good choice.

Certain polish formulas are safer than others. A gel that is 10-free is recommended - which means it’s formulated without toxic substances, such as formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, camphor, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, parabens, lead or animal ingredients. as these chemicals may cause allergic reactions and skin irritations.

Hydrate your gel nails as much as possible.

The importance of drinking plenty of water for your health is the same when it comes to your nail health. The process of having a manicure can dehydrate and thin your nail plates. But not to worry, you can repair any damage and strengthen your nails by moisturizing more often. You can do this by massaging a cuticle oil into your nails and skin a few times a day. Balms and deep penetrating oils are also ideal and there are available base coats out there that quench shriveled nail beds.

Hot water is a gel mani enemy.

Soaking in water especially when taking a steamy hot bath is one of the worst things you can do for your mani. When you soak your tips in hot water, it will seep into your nail beds and causes your polish to lift up or even peel. Try your best to avoid or minimize these long baths and adjust to cooler temperatures. Also, don’t forget to wear gloves at all times when doing the dishes!

Gels only dries under direct UV or LED light contact.

Gel manicures contain polymers that have to be cured under a UV or LED lamp for it to become hard. This curing process will take around one to three minutes under a UV or LED light. It is crucial to use the proper lamp for the gel manicure you are using as gel polish is cured, it doesn’t dry. UV lamps cure almost any gel polishes whereas LED lamps cure only the gel polishes that are specifically be cured by them.

Picking at your polish is bad for your nails.

When your polish chips off, it also takes part of your nails off with it. And if this is done repeatedly, the top layer of your nails will be removed which makes them weak and brittle. In other words, you will be ruining your nails after all the time, effort and money you spent to make them look lovely. It is recommended to apply a cuticle oil between salon appointments to protect your nails likewise keeping them healthy and hydrated.

A nail gel cost more than a regular polish.

Gel manicure prices depend on where you live and the type of salon you are visiting. Generally, they cost around $8 to $10 more than a regular nail polish. The same goes for the removal process- you also spend money on removing them and they vary as well. To keep your nails healthy and safe, it is best to have your gels removed at the salon. This will cost you between $10 to $20.

Taking off your gel polish at home or salon requires time and patience.

Gels don’t come off with just a simple wipe of an acetone. You need to soak, wait and file it off. There are gentle ways to remove them but it doesn’t have to mean wrecking your nails. With an acetone soak-off process, most soft gels can be totally removed. Salons will charge for extra removal however, you also have the option to do it at home.

 Woman Removing Her Gel Nails

You need sunscreen when getting nail gels.

If you perform your gel nail properly with UV protection you will enjoy the benefits without having to experience negative effects. UVA from the curing lamps is stronger than the usual exposure you get from the sun. Make sure to protect your nails and skin by applying broad-spectrum sunscreen or wearing a UV-A protective gloves.

Save money with at-home gel kits.

You can take the gels off yourself and save money. But make sure to keep your nail beds healthy and hydrated by using cuticle oil and moisturizer. With make-at-home kits now available, you can definitely have control over your mani. You just need to follow all the instructions to the last detail and a steady hand to get your gel nail perfect.

Avoid toxic gel ingredients.

There are toxic trio carcinogens such as formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) that are present in most nail polishes. These substances were found to cause adverse side effects after clinical testing in high doses. Check the ingredients label on your polish bottle to avoid and opt for professional-grade nail gels that doesn't contain this formula.

Try not to get your nail cuticles cut and have them pushed instead.

The area around your cuticle can get dry, damaged and infected. When your cuticle is cut, it’s easier for bacteria and germs to get inside. Avoid the risk of infection by having them pushed instead of being cut because when it comes to a gel mani, there will be so much cutting, buffing and filing.

Avoid getting back-to-back gel manicures.

It is best to space out manicures to give your nails some downtime. Allow your nails to hydrate for a couple of weeks since the removal and application process of the gel polish can cause a lot of wear and tear on your nails. Make sure to combat the nail damage by using cuticle oil.